Padma Shri awardee “Bike-Ambulance-Dada” suffering from difficult eye disease/ Stretch out your helping hand

Karimul Haque was basically a tea worker of Rajadanga, Malbazar (Jalpaiguri). In 1995, he was not able to give medical treatment to his ailing mother as there was no ambulance facility at remote tea garden area. Consequently his mother died without any medical treatment.

After that he took a vow to not let anyone else die due to insufficient ambulance facility. He planned to provide motorbike ambulence facility at remote places where there was no chance for ambulence facility. He ferried more than 4k people free of cost.

Image: The Hindustan Times

In 2017 Karimul Haque honored with “Padma Shri” Awrd from Indian Government. He popularly known as “Bike-Ambulance-Dada”.

Karimul Haque himself now suffering from difficult eye disease. Although he is a familiar face at present but economic condition of his family is not so strong that he can bear the treatment costs of his eye disease smoothly. It is therefore request all social organisation to stretch out their helping hand.

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