Kshatriya Certificate of Cooch Behar Maharaja family.

The sacred writings of Kamarupa, of which the “Jogini Tantra” origin of and the “Kalika Purana” are the foremost, claim for the Maharajas of Cooch Behar a Kshatriya origin. According to a text of the Jogini Tantra, the ancestor of the Cooch Behar family, namely, Maharaja Biswa Singha, was the son of Hira, a Koch damsel, by god Mahadev. ( in connection with the Koch Kings of Kamarupa – mythological).  A second text of the same affirms that the Koches are Kshatriyas, who concealed themselves in Kamarupa for fear of Parasurama and thus came to be denominated Sankocha, which means fallen, degenerated or frightened. ( In a previous chapter the Sankocha Kshatriya controversy has been fully noticed – No output, only controversy), and it has been explained how a Kshatriya, or at least an Aryan, element in the mixed race of the Koches cannot be consistently denied. The present line of rulers, according to this theory, sprang from a Sankocha  Kshatriya mother and a divine, or at any rate an Aryan(Q1), father. The Cooch Behar family are called Siva Vansa or descendants of god Siva.

Colonel His Highness Maharaja Sir Nripendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur, G.C.I.E, C.B., A.D.C,, was born on the 4th October 1862. He was the only child of his mother, the Rajmata Nishimayi Deo Aye Devati. There were two other issue of his father, the late Maharaja Narendra Narayan. The eldest of these was Maharajkumari Anandamayi by Maharani Nistarini, and was born on the 18th July 1860. The second was Kumar Jotindra Narayan by Harasundari Aye ; he was born on the 26th February 1861.

Q1. Who was Aryan father? Lord Shiva!

  1. Is “Jogini Tantra” and “Kalika Purna” were divine book wrote by a divine author? I think these are paper sword of some Brahmin who tried to dominated over metal sword of warrior/Rajas. Slang word in sanskrita sounds like divine mantra for illiterate one if I am not wrong.

Note: Author of this book consistently tried to make Maharaja and his family as Kshatriya only from mythological point of view , not warrior point or materialistic point view. He consistently claimed that father side of this family is obviously from Aryan blood by any means. This transition phase started from Maharaja Nripendra Narayan’s reign by making him an educated (own culture-language deviated) Raja from childhood under Bengali/English guardianship.

Reference: The Coochbehar state and its land revenue settlements -state press H.N Chowdhury 1903