Illusion Outfit – affectionate Mother Cow – milking anyhow

It was a common but curious phenomena in villages earlier. But presently it become extinct. After calving, a milch cow give milk atleast 7-8 months. If calf is died in this period it become very difficult to handle mother cow. Mother become so mourned and angry that she could not control herself and become angry whoever come near to her. It is really difficult to calm down that mother cow. But in villages so  many poor families are dependent on milk that they expected from their domestic milch cow. So that they invented new idea.

The villagers used to flay the skin of dead calf, sprinkle salt on it and dry on sunlight. Then they filled that skin layer with straw and weaved it properly so that it looks like a calf. The legs of that creature are made with bamboo sticks. The whole activities used to do by a man of Dome community who are specialist for this job. This creature is preserved carefully and to mask poor smell it is being sun dried regularly.


After seeing this creature mother cow think that its her own calf, affectionately she lick the body of that creature, hormonal secretion trigger  to pass milk through udder. This creature is kept at home till lactation of that milch cow.

Now a days situation is totally different. The milk man is now business minded, they inject hormone (estrogen) to milch animal if calf dies. Dishonest milk men apply hormone only for milking, whatever calf is dead or alive. 

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