Thesis – Koch Coinage: A Study In Historical Perspective

Koch Coinage: A Study In Historical Perspective

A thesis submitted to the University of North Bengal for the award of Doctor of philosophy in history by Dr. Debajit Dutta

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Abstract i

Preface iii

Acknowledgement v

List of Figures viii

List of Appendices ix

Abreviations x

Glossary xi

Maps xvii

Introduction 1

Chapter – I: Koch Dynasty: A Political Outline 15

Chapter – II: Economic Scenario in the Koch Kingdom 50

Chapter- III: Origin and Development of Koch Coinage 88 (c.1496 – 1773)

Chapter- IV: Koch Coinage: From Anglo-Koch Treaty to 129 Merger (1773 – 1949)

Chapter- V: Koch Coins in Cultural Perspective 167

Chapter- VI: Koch Coinage in relation to that of the 189

Neighboring States

Conclusion 216

Appendices 226

Bibliography 236

List of Figures

Plate No. I : Coins of Nara Narayan.

Plate No. II : Coins of Nara Narayan.

Plate No. III : Coins of Nara Narayan and Lakshmi Narayan.

Plate No. IV : Coins of Lakshmi Narayan.

Plate No. V : Coins of Lakshmi Narayan and Vira Narayan.

Plate No. VI : Coins of Prana Narayan.

Plate No. VII : Coins of Moda Narayan, Vasudeva Narayan, Rupa Narayan, Upendra Narayan.

Plate No. VIII : Coins of Devendra Narayan, Dhairyendra Narayan.

Plate No. IX : Coins of Rajenda Narayan, Harendra Narayan, Sivendra Narayan, Narendra Narayan.

Plate No. X : Coins of Nripendra Narayan, Raj Rajendra Narayan, Jitendra Narayan, Jagaddipendra Narayan.

Plate No. XI : Recently discovered Prana Narayana‟s coins (Obverse).

Plate No. XII : Recently discovered Prana Narayana‟s coins (Reverse).

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