Discover the Incredible India

Incredible means extraordinary, impossible or difficult to believe. The term Incredible India was coined by the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism in India.

Indian culture is deeply rooted with its values and virtues, marking its presence in the world such that everyone is getting attracted towards it. The west is certainly coming to the east but the east has fortunately retained its culture and tradition in the midst of westernization. The rich heritage is inspiringly infused with exotic tradition and modernization.

A glance on the map of India narrates the beauty and rich heritage of the country. At one end where Jammu and Kashmir is known to be a paradise on earth, Kerala at the other end also defines it distinctive charm and beauty. Further to that, the North India is a land of spectacular architecture like Golden Triangle and the Taj Mahal.

Over that some exotic destinations Shimla, Nainital, and Manali are a home to magnificent landscapes. A move towards the East is a breathtaking route through the mountains that embrace the scenic beauty of places like Darjeeling and also binds with the ancient beliefs with a historical visit to the city of Kolkata. Further to that, the South India is a land to many wildlife reserves, lush forest, and picturesque destinations like Lakshadweep. Then the West with golden sands, flowing waters, Mumbai beaches and vibrant beach resorts of Goa is a true fascination for people across the country. Apart from these there are states that behold beautiful architecture and world-class sights that add splendor and elegance to the exotic tradition of the country.

Various Dances

The various dance forms across the country are also an integral part of the socio-economic culture of India. The specific costumes, movements, and rhythms of the dances are unique to different states but as a common virtue all the forms are a blend of the ancient traditions and contemporary. Some of the most popular dances of the north are Dumhal in Jammu and Kashmir, Hikat in Himachal Pradesh, Bhangra in Punjab, Dhamyal in Haryana, and Hurka Baul in Uttar Pradesh. The known dances of the East are Chhau in Bihar, Dalkhai in Orissa, and Brita dance in West Bengal. The South has its distinctive dance forms like that of Kummi in Tamil Nadu and Padayani in Kerala. All these different dance forms have its own significance but all together reflect the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the country. / GoAir / Confirm TKT / IRCTC / / / OYO Rooms /

Apart from various folk dances, languages, lifestyle, religion, food, and festivals also differ from state to state but nevertheless possess a commonality. There is a huge difference in the custom and belief that every religion follows and accepts but yet all the differences mingle seamlessly to portray a beautiful image of the nation as one.

This wonderful country which holds such lovely people, and delicacies, support the values of love, respect, unity. Anyone would want to visit such a country and be a part of it. In today’s world, when all have been, working for gaining more and more power, dividing each other, on the basis of caste, creed, colour, a country like India, is a living example of unity in diversity, a country that we all wish should stay Incredible Forever.

Courtesy Jennie Kakkad