Read Book -The Unrest Axle: Ethno-social Movements in Eastern India

Book: The Unrest Axle: Ethno-social Movements in Eastern India – by Gautam Kumar Bera

The study of a social movement represents a sphere of social activity and social change. Students and researchers interested in this field find pleasure in deciphering the involvement of ethnic groups who make attempts to change an existing structure, which gets the nomenclature ‘ethno-social movement’.

This book brings into relief some observations on ethno-social and political movements of eastern India over a time frame of about two and a half centuries. Contributed by scholars from the disciplines of history, sociology, psychology and anthropology the writings portray a detailed account of individual ethno-social movements over a particular sphere of time.

It covers Bratya Kshatriya movement, Rajbanshi movement, Poundra or pod movement, Gorkha movement, movement in Jharkhand and Chotonagpur area. The Bhagat movent and Kurmi movement also takes place in this book.

To have a wide coverage of the subject the book accommodates two important social mobility movements launched during the last century by two dominant caste groups of Bengal who are spilled over to the adjacent country also and three major regional movements of two neighbouring states that have socio-political implications even for days to come in future. Movements that have a bearing on the crystallization of the national movement for achieving independence have also been dwelt upon to have a wider understanding of the subject.

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