An account of Jateshwar Shiva Temple – Promising Dooars Tourism prospects.

Jateshwar is a small village of Falakata block of Alipurduar district, approx 13 km north-west from Falakata town. Jateshwar is focused area like other developed country side. Near Jateshwar market there is an old Shiva Mandir (temple) which is very much known to people of entire North East India and West Bengal. So many devotees come to this temple throughout the year. For local people the temple is known as Jateshwar Shiva temple. 

The age of this temple is around 200 years. The aged people of this area told that around 1033 (Bengali year) this temple had been built for Lord Shiva. 

There is a thrilling history behind this mandir / temple. Kathalbari village situated south of Jateswar and in east Hedayat Nagar is situated. Badeng Dhoni (ব্যাদেং ধনী) or Badeng Deoani (ব্যাদেং দেওয়ানী – Kamtapuri language) was jotedar of this Hedayat Nagar. He was very much influential jotedar of this area. The workers or labours of Bedeng dhoni lived in Kathalbari village. In this village somebody saw that milk was being drained spontaneously from teats of the udder of a cow near a jungle and that was one Saturday of 1033 (Bengali year).

Curious villagers could not prevent their curiosity and entered into the jungle and went to see the miracle. After seeing the unexpected incident they really could not believe their eyes. They saw that the milk what was being drained continuously from teats, that fell on a Shiva linga, came out from soil. 

Mahadev Mandir – Jateshwar, Alipurduar

The villagers started to believe in God and thought that Lord Mahadeb himself appeared in this place. Instantly this news became viral. Jotdar Badeng dhoni heard the incident and immediately ordered his workers Haren Roy and Sachin Roy to bring that Shiva linga to his home with the help of bakua (Shiva linga kept into a bamboo basket and basket was hanging from a bamboo rod, Haren Roy was holding on neck one end of rod and Sachin Roy was holding another end). On their way from Kathalbari to Jateshwar they became exhausted and took rest keeping the Shiva linga aside (where the present linga is situated). After taking rest they decided to go to Jateshwar and tried to lift Shiva linga. But they could not lift the linga from that place. Both Haren Roy and Sachin Roy could not understand the situation, immediately they called upon jotdar Bedeng Dhoni. Bedeng Dhoni also tried but invained and called Oliar Rahaman, manager of Jateshwar civil court. At that time there were two elephants namely Peyari and Fulmati. Both Peyari and Fulmati tried to lift the Shiva linga but remained unsuccessful.  

Ultimately they kept the basket with Shiva linga in that place and went home. Next day when they came to that place, saw that size of Shiva linga became bigger than earlier. Badeng jotdar himself came to place and built a small mandir or temple with sinda and kashia (sinda – jute stick, kashia – one type of grass used for puja), he worshipped Shiva linga with chura (pressed rice), agarbati and dhuna.

Bedeng Dhoni offered puja for long time and after that the temple was lying as usual. The villagers also offered puja but it was irregular. One day a naked Sadhu came to that place, he offered puja on regular basis but he also left out temple without any information. After leaving naked Baba, villagers worshipped Shiva linga as usual without any organised way. One day a priest came from Mithila, told that he got message in dream to reach at this temple for worshipping. Till now that Maithili priest and his family members offered worship to Shiva linga on regular basis. For a long span of time the size of Shiva linga became larger. In the present day so many people come to Jateshwar temple for worshipping during Shiva Chaturdashi.

Tourist places near Jateshwar

There are so many tourist spots present near Jateshwar. Major tourist destiny is Jaldapara Forest. Jungle safari is most enjoyable at Jaldapara. Besides this traveller can visit Coochebehar city, Gosanimari, Tufanganj, Jayanti, Buxa tiger reserve forest, Phuentsholing.

At Coochbehar city – there are numerous tourist spots like Coochbehar palace, Madanmohan temple, Sagardighi, Dangor Aii mandir, Devi bari, Baneshwar Shiva temple, so many historical ponds etc.

At Gosanimari (Dinhata) – Kamateshwari temple, historical Kamtapur Rajpat, Gorkata Mashan Thakur temple, Adabari ghaat – long road bridge, Natabar temple etc.

At Tufanganj – Madanmohan temple, Vir Chila Ray Garh, Rasikbil, Bhawaiya Kendra, Nakkati mandir, Sankosh river sightseeing and so many temples.

Jayanti – Mahakal Shiva temple

Buxa – Buxa Fort, Forest area sightseeing

Phuentsholing – Phuentsholing is entrance of Bhutan, The main attractions are Gumpha or Buddhist temple, Crocodile park, and orange garden specially in winter season.

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