December 2021

Books related to Koch Rajbanshi Kamtapur and North Bengal.

In this post you can find list of several books related to koch Rajbanshi Kamtapur History. Books on North Bengal economy and politics also available. I have also enlisted books on Raisaheb Panchanan Barma and Vir Chila Ray. You can also find books (available on Amazon Book shelves) on Bhawaiya Sangeet and Kamtapuri/Rajbanshi poems.

Krang Suri waterfall – Meghalaya Tour

Krang Suri is perhaps the most famous, delightful and fascinating waterfall present in the province of Meghalaya. Out of seven sisters, one sister Meghalaya is the most beautiful and colorful place to visit in the northeast India. One of the main five cascades to find in the Meghalaya named Krang suri. The Krang Shuri Waterfalls …

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