What is soft curd milk?

Soft Curd Milk

Soft curd milk is a type of milk that can produce soft curd. Cow or Buffalo milk is hard card milk, human milk is soft card milk, goat milk also produce soft card compare to cow or Buffalo milk.

The curd formed in the human stomach due to peptic or proteolytic enzyme action may be hard in the case of cow or buffalo milk as compared to mother’s or human milk. The curd tension of cow or Buffalo milk can be decreased to bring it closer to that of human milk and thus facilitate better utilization. The curd tension of milk can be reduced by the base-exchange process.

Soft curd
Soft curd

Base exchange process

Milk acidified with 0.3 per cent citric acid is percolated through a zeolite bed. Zeolite bed is sodium aluminium silicate containing potassium. During this base exchange process upto 20 percent of its calcium and phosphorus is replaced by sodium and potassium. It is possible to maintain the pH and the calcium:phosphorus ratio with proper control thus appreciably reduce the curd tension.

High heat treatment, homogenisation, ultrasonic sound and use of pancreatic protease to partially digest the protein are some of the other methods that can be used to reduce the curd tension of milk.

Soft card milk is easily digestible. Human baby can digest soft card milk easily. They could not digest cow or Buffalo milk easily because it produce hard card. That’s why doctor do not prescribe cow or Buffalo milk to baby.

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