Solar eclipse and misbelief of people

We all are familiar with solar eclipse in our life. Sometimes we are lucky to see full solar eclipse if we reside at that particular area of earth where full solar eclipse happen. But at the same time people have some misbelief regarding solar eclipse like not to take food during eclipse, pregnant women dont come out of home, dont roam outside home etc. 

Solar eclipse mechanism
Solar eclipse mechanism

Now what is solar eclipse? Solar eclipse means when shadow of moon place on earth, that particular area remain dark due to barrier of light and solar eclipse happen. Some area of earth remain complete dark for some times and adjacent area remain almost dark / partially eclipse like evening time. 

Misbeliefs that people carry regarding solar eclipse are – 

Not to Cook, not to eat during Solar eclipse

It is superstition that people should not eat anything during solar eclipse, it may cause adverse effects on health. Some people think that even cooking is also harmful during solar eclipse. Both cooking and eating propaganda is not scientific. There is no scientific evidence regarding relation of adverse health effects during solar eclipse. 

Roaming outside home

Roaming outside home during solar eclipse is not good. Superstitious people think that during solar eclipse some harmful rays may effect on skin of people. But scientists proved that during Solar eclipse no such harmful rays emitted that can cause skin problem. 

Affect on pregnant women

It is said that pregnant women should not go outside home during solar eclipse. If they go outside home newborn may affected with some inborn shade or newborn baby might be handicaped. This wrong thinking also proved by scientists very early. 

Taking bath after solar eclipse 

Ignorant people used to bath after solar eclipse. They thought that due to solar eclipse harmful rays may affect their skin. So that they used to bath to wipe out harmful rays from their skin or outer body surface. This is also wrong proved by scientists. Scientists told that in normal condition what rays come out from sun, during solar eclipse same rays are coming out. No such extraordinary harmful rays come out from sun during solar eclipse. 

Looking solar eclipse by naked eyes

It is always advisable to avoid looking sun by naked eyes either normal condition or during solar eclipse. Scientists tell that, during solar eclipse intensity of sunlight become low, so people may look towards sun for long time which may effect on eyes. So that they advise to use aluminum coating layer or some polymer. NASA also advise to use protective goggles

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