Dewang Mehta National Education Awards – 2019/ Best Professor in Chemistry Studies / Professor M.N. Roy

Its a great pleasure for India’s one of the biggest Koch Rajbanshi Kamtapuri Society that our Professor Mahendranath Roy of North Bengal University has been awarded with “Dewang Mehta National Education Awards – 2019, for “Best professor in Chemistry studies“, founded by Dr. R.L Bhatia World CSR Day and World Sustainability.  The award ceremony was

কুচবিহারের থানা থেকেই প্রাচীন নারায়ণী মূদ্রা গায়েব।

Heritage “Narayani Coins” of Kamta state stolen from Coochbehar police Station itself. No body knows why that coins belonged to Police custody since long time.

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