Aboriginal.blog primarily intended to explore history, language and culture of North East as well as other parts of India. It will also highlight socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues time to time by our authors. It has been made every effort to make information on the site as accurate as possible but Aboriginal.blog is not providing any express or implied warranty against the same. So many authors are involved to express their thoughts and explore their creations. They will provide information regarding language, history, culture of aboriginal people. They also guide about travel and tourism development. Aboriginal.blog is a platform where we will get information about cuisine of people of different parts of country. Besides these it will provide knowledge about entrepreneurship skill, new business development. Agriculture and Industry is backbone of economic development; Aboriginal.blog always guide about both wings of economic development. Its a team work of several authors or bloggers who will share their knowledge and experiences continuously to guide our viewers. Indigenous food and recipe will be our main focus area, we shall also try to revive age old food habits of indigenous people particularly North East part of India. People are now very much health conscious, they always believe in prevention than cure. In this online platform we will try to gather information about nature oriented medicine or Ayurvedic herbs.

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