Download -Thesis – Grammatical Catagories in Madhab Kandali’s Ramayana / Dr. Gitanjali Bez 2012

Abstract of Thesis The primary concern of this study is to study some grammatical aspects of the Ramayana written by Madhav Kandali (MKR) and to develop a methodological framework in the process for doing corpus analysis in Assamese. This framework involves the process of creating a computer corpus and of conducting a linguistic analysis on

Download- The modernisation of Coochbehar state under Maharaja Nripendranarayan – Thesis by KC Das 1989

Coochbehar –  a tiny princely state in the north eastern region witnessed a tremendous process of change during the rule of Maharaja Nripendra Narayana (1863-1911), who was considered as one of the modernized rullers among the princely states of India. This thesis highlited on the significant period intend to examine nature and extent of modernisation

Thesis – Koch Coinage: A Study In Historical Perspective

Koch Coinage: A Study In Historical Perspective A thesis submitted to the University of North Bengal for the award of Doctor of philosophy in history by Dr. Debajit Dutta Read thesis Paper Contents Abstract i Preface iii Acknowledgement v List of Figures viii List of Appendices ix Abreviations x Glossary xi Maps xvii Introduction 1

Thesis – Ethno Cultural Identity crisis – Rajbanshi – Madhab Ch Adhikary 2009

This thesis was submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD.) in History under the University of North Bengal  by Dr. Madhab Chandra Adhikary in 2009. CONTENTS PREFACE and MAPS (Download Books) CHAPTER -I :Introduction: A Geographical Landscape of North-East India …………………………………. 1-32 CHAPTER -II : Environments and Character of the North -Eastern Rajbanshis

Thesis – The social life of Tista based Rajbanshi community as reflected in Debesh Roy book- 2013

CONTENT INTRODUCTION P-1 — 3 (Download) CHAPTER-1 P-4 — 28 Jalpaiguri episode in Debesh Roy’s life and an account of his works on Tista based Rajbangshi community. CHAPTER-2 P-29 — 60 Geographical perspective, demography and caste formation of Tista based Rajbangshis as reflected in Debesh Roy’s literature. 2.1 Geographical condition P-29 2.2 The Demographic Composition

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